Do you specialize in a special type of dinnerware, or in a specific era?
Table of Contents Vintage Rentals mostly keep an inventory of unique, beautiful patterned pieces from the 1930s though the 1970s. That said, we do have unusual pieces from other eras, and we’re always on the hunt for new finds. Let us know what you’re interested in!

Is your stock in new condition?
Please keep in mind that all items are vintage and even antique and have had a long life before gracing your table. While they are still beautiful, they may have some scars or hints of their past.

Can I order items based on what I see on your website or showroom?
Vintage items in stock may be different from items featured in our photos. Our inventory changes regularly but we will do our best to meet your style needs.  Our specialty is to provide the colors and themes of your event or wedding, so we handpick every piece while we are packing.

Do you provide full sets of matched dinnerware?
All vintage items are mixed. There may be matching items from the same set in your arrangement but for the most part each piece is unique. Depending on guest count, we may be able to do full settings of different designs at the guest tables.

What happens if we accidentally break an item?
All items are to be returned in the same condition in which they were received, but we realize that accidents happen. If it does, you are responsible for the repair or replacement of any items damaged during rental. A detailed repair/replacement fee list is available upon request.

Should we wash the items that we rent before returning?
If we are dropping off rentals, you can wash dishes or return and we will wash for a fee. Linens are a different story: Please do not attempt to clean our linens! But thank you for thinking about it. All vintage tablecloths rented should be returned unwashed. We have our own methods for washing and treating vintage linens.